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Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions on all topics related to precious metal testing. The questions and answers are neatly arranged according to key topics - so you can find what you are looking for very quickly.

How do the GoldScreenSensor and GoldScreenPen work?

The GoldScreenSensor and the GoldScreenPen measure the conductivity of your precious metal object using eddy current testing. The coil of the respective device induces a magnetic field that creates eddy currents in the object. This allows the conductivity to be determined, which the tester outputs in megasiemens per metre.

Each precious metal has a specific conductivity, therefore contamination would be immediately noticeable in a measurement. If a precious metal is underalloyed or has a core of foreign metal, our devices show you this with a target/actual value comparison. The GoldScreenSensor additionally gives you the result in the form of a coloured illustration of green and text, which metal/alloy the material could be.