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Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions on all topics related to precious metal testing. The questions and answers are neatly arranged according to key topics - so you can find what you are looking for very quickly.

Which is the proper testing method for me?

Which gold tester is best for me?

That depends on the objects you want to analyse:

For classic investments (coins and bars), the GoldScreenSensor in combination with a caliper and precision scale is usually sufficient (also measures through packaging). For bars from 50 grams and upwards, we recommend the BarScreenSensor, for which the objects have to be unpacked.

For jewellery, the CaratScreenPen is the best way to measure the carat number of gold objects. Another way of testing jewlery is with a combination of the GoldScreenPen, the density scale and a test acid set. The GoldScreenPen can also be used for smaller investment objects up to approx. 1 ounce.

As a tungsten detector, the MagneticScreenScale is a alternative to the GoldScreenSensor for gold objects from about 1/4 ounce up to 250 g. For those who want to focus entirely on gold and do not intend to unpack 100-gram bars, for example, the MagneticScreenScale is a good choice.

For larger or irregularly shaped bars whose dimensions cannot be determined with sufficient accuracy with a caliper, the bar testing set is recommended.

Non-destructive or not?

Would you like to test the authenticity of precious metals without any destruction?

Then we recommend the article on our electronic testing devices.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, test acids are effective for testing the authenticity of precious metals.

Is the ping test a good counterfeit detection method?

The ping test is only suitable to a limited extent for a reliable authenticity check of precious metals. With experience you can detect forgeries, but with some alloys or certain manufacturing processes (e.g. sintered forgeries) the sound can be imitated very well. Therefore, this test is not recommended as a standalone method.

We suggest other and safer methods and devices.

Is X-ray fluorescence the best test method?

An X-ray fluorescence spectrometer is very expensive. The price of such a device starts at 10,000 to 20,000 euros.

It is also only conditionally suitable for counterfeit detection: This method can only penetrate about 5 µm into the material. Underalloyed surfaces can be exposed, but common galvanised counterfeits with a gold-plated surface can not!

The testing devices from Goldanalytix with their significantly higher penetration depths reliably protect you from forgeries - for a noticeably lower price.

When is the GoldScreenSensor/GoldScreenPen device worthwhile?
The GoldScreenSensor or the GoldScreenPen are worthwhile if you like to buy coins, bars and jewellery from private individuals or want to safely check your stock. With the unique way the devices work, you can protect yourself from fraudsters. Even with little expertise, our devices are easy to use and the results are easy to interpret.

Caution: In the case of a counterfeit, you are not only threatened with high financial losses, because if you knowingly or even unknowingly resell the counterfeit gold, you may also make yourself liable to prosecution!
Does the GoldScreenPen indicate the carat number?

No. The GoldScreenPen measures the conductivity (like the GoldScreenSensor) and is therefore ideal for counterfeit detection of coins, bars and silverware. Sub-alloys or the exact carat number cannot be measured with a carat number smaller than 21, because the conductance values ​​of these alloys only decrease very slightly with decreasing gold content.

The CaratScreenPen measures the carat number of gold objects, and therefore is the best method to detemine the carat number. The Goldanalytix test acids or the density scale are also methods to determine the carat number.

Is jewellery testing different from testing bars or coins?

Bars or coins are usually made of pure gold or known alloys. For precious metal jewellery, however, there are many different compositions of the most diverse materials, which can be challenging task.

The CaratScreenPen is our solution for testing the carat number of objects containing gold. It measures the carat number of gold within seconds.

If you want to know in detail what to look for in jewellery testing, you can take a close look at our gold test page.

Is the BarScreenSensor also suitable for coins?

No, we recommend the BarScreenSensor only from a weight of 100 grams and coins do not normally reach this value. If the test objects are too thin, the path length of the ultrasound is not long enough to perform a sufficiently precise measurement.
The GoldScreenSensor which can test smaller objects like coins and bars up to 100 grams, is an excellent addition to the BarScreenSensor.

Can I measure through packaging with the BarScreenSensor?

No. For ultrasound measurement with the BarScreenSensor, the measuring head combined with an ultrasound gel (included in the delivery) must be in direct contact with the smooth surface of the object.

To measure through thin packaging and blisters, devices such as the GoldScreenSensor are more suitable.

Are Goldanalytix devices suitable for banks?

Yes! The products are also suitable for authentication at banks. Especially due to the non-destructive testing in seconds and the clean measurement without dangerous test acids, the devices from Goldanalytix are the perfect choice for banks and investment managers. Learn from the mistakes of others (Sparkasse Göttingen, Kingold, etc.) and inform yourself now about suitable test methods. Abroad, the GoldScreenSensor is already being used on a large scale by many banks.

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