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When I measure with the DensityScreenScale, what do I have to pay attention to?

- With experience it takes about 30 seconds to take a measurement and calculate the result.

- Make sure that the scale is located as steady and vibration-proof as possible.

- Ideally, start the device 5-10 minutes before you use it so that it can regulate itself.

- The density scale works most reliably in a stable environment with a room temperature of 20-25 °C. The most important thing is that the temperature remains constant during the time of operation or use.

- Also note that you cannot use the density scale to measure jewellery set with precious stones, as stones falsify the density. Also, do not weigh any substances that react with water, e.g. sodium or potassium, or have a water-soluble layer.

- The test specimen must be dry and clean.

- Remove any capsules and blisters before measuring, otherwise the result will be inconclusive.

- With weakly wetting liquids (e.g. normal water), air bubbles may accumulate on the carrier or the test piece. An air bubble with a diameter of 2 mm already causes a measurement inaccuracy of 4 mg.