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What do I have to look for when measuring with the GoldScreenPen?

When measuring, it is important not to measure only at one point, but to always take measurements at several points on the object for the test. In addition, you should take care not to press on the tip of the GoldScreenPen, but only to place it on the object. Otherwise, the GoldScreenPen may measure its own metal tip. In order to obtain an accurate measurement result, the measuring tip must be in full contact with the test specimen and not only in partial contact, otherwise the device will measure air and this can distort the measurement result. With extremely small or small-limbed pieces, no clear result can be delivered.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the size/thickness of the object, because if the test piece is too large, the GoldScreenPen can no longer identify all forgeries, as the penetration depth could be too shallow. Therefore, please use the GoldScreenPen only for bars and coins up to 1 ounce. In addition, at least one other measuring method should be used (e.g. calipers and precision scales).