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Description of the article: Goldanalytix GoldScreenBox – the product features at a glance:... more
Product information "GoldScreenBox"
Description of the article:

Goldanalytix GoldScreenBox – the product features at a glance:

  • For your pocket: fully portable with integrated colour display
  • Measurements within seconds, up to 20 coins per minute!
  • Pervading: Measuring through blisters, capsules and plastic foils (up to 3 mm)
  • Precise evaluation of the inner conductivity value (For objects with up to 50 g)
  • Measures any precious metal (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium etc.)

Goldanalytix GoldScreenBox - this unique testing device enables fast and easy non-destructive testing of precious metal objects such as coins or bars. Particularly impressive: the measurements with this compact and portable device pass through capsules, foils and blisters.

The perfect tool for all those working in the precious metal sector: whether banking, coin trading, raw material recycling or pawnbroking - with the Goldanalytix GoldScreenBox you make sure that you get what you pay for. Leave counterfeiting no chance!

The functionality of the GoldScreenBox is based on the so-called eddy current measuring principle and enables the examination of the "insides" of (precious) metal objects. In this manner, gold or silver layers applied by counterfeiters can be penetrated to the respective depth and thus counterfeits lying "far" below the surface can be detected. All this represents a major advantage over other testing methods.

The measurement is very simple: place the precious metal on the measuring circuit and immediately receive the output of the conductivity value on the display and a statement whether it could be a forgery. Consequently, large quantities of coins or bars of gold, silver, palladium, platinum or other precious metals can be checked for authenticity within a very short time. Afterwards, check the dimensions and the weight in order to exclude fakes with different densities (like e.g. copper for pure gold).

Perfect for the purchase and sale of precious metals! The GoldScreenBox is now successfully used by many renowned dealers and customers - please ask us for references. If you are not sure what material some objects are made of, you can use the so-called "free measuring mode" to place any kind of metal of suitable size and geometry and find out what it is by comparing it with conductance tables. The penetration depths depend on the electrical conductivity of the metals - up to 650 µm on each side for 900/916 gold - a total of 1.3 mm, about 250 µm for pure silver and 350 µm for pure gold. This makes the GoldScreenBox suitable for objects weighing up to 50 grams, with thickness being the limiting factor. Diameter, length or width do not matter.

Even small gold bars (1, 2/2.5 and 5 grams) and coins (1/10 ounce fine gold, Krugerrand and American Eagle) can be checked by the GoldScreenBox in the respective measuring mode. For all irregularly shaped objects (nuggets, scrap, dental gold etc.) we recommend our "GoldScreenPen".

Buy the GoldScreenBox from Goldanalytix now and be on the safe side in precious metal trading! Please always read the detailed instructions before the first use.

The most important features of the GoldScreenBox: the portable device fits in every trouser pocket and has a colour LCD display for menu navigation in up to six different languages. It enables authenticity checks of all precious metals (gold, silver, rhodium, palladium, platinum and many more) in seconds, as well as measurements through capsules and blisters (up to 3 mm thick!). For further information please visit our website or simply contact one of our precious metal testing experts.

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